flower sculpture parade

Every first Sunday of September, a wonderfully crazy parade of giant flower sculpture grace the streets of Zundert, a town in Noord Brabant, the Netherlands. A tradition which begun in 1936 that continues until today. Each of this stunning display contain thousands of carefully pieced flower.

The Corso Zundert parade goes much further than the parade on the first Sunday of September. Our parade is often invisible.Our parade consists months toiling and sweating in dusty parade tents . It’s about solidarity, passion and emotion at the different hamlets . And about beer and patties. In this menu item, all this is further elaborated digitally.

CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert1 CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert1a CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert2 CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert3 CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert4 CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert5 CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert6 CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert7 CrazyGiantFlowerSculptureParadeinZundert8

[via walltowatch]


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