This installation dubbed as Chairs for Abu Dhabi was created by Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata using various kinds of stools, sofas, benches and armchairs. The structure that reaches the gallery’s 20-foot-tall ceiling is a tribute to humanity’s diversity, unity and interconnectedness. It was featured in Abu Dhabi’s 2012 biennale wherein it provided an eco-friendly pavilion that served as one of the favorites during the festival. Have a seat everyone! ♥

GargantuanPavilionComposedofHundredsofChairs2 GargantuanPavilionComposedofHundredsofChairs3 GargantuanPavilionComposedofHundredsofChairs4 GargantuanPavilionComposedofHundredsofChairs5 GargantuanPavilionComposedofHundredsofChairs6

[via inhabitat]


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