Facebook has commissioned architect Frank Gehry for its new west campus in Menlo Park spanning acroass a 22 acre site. Facebook’s engineering culture was largely taken into consideration in designing the new building. It resembles a warehouse where the plan is open for anything; like flexible desk spaces, couches and whiteboards everywhere for impromptu discussion.

Overall, the project will bear a likeness of a community. Park-like green roof will cover the entire building with tons of plants and trees. Complementing it are outdoor cafes, barbeques and workbenches. The new campus will have that raw look to finish it quickly and bring emphasis on being eco-friendly. It will be also be connected to the existing campus via an underground tunnel. Construction is seen to start in 2013 to be finished around 2018.

school design facebook_campus2 facebook_campus3 facebook_campus4 facebook_campus5 facebook_campus6 facebook_campus7

Photos from Frank Gehry / Gehry Partners and Facebook


[via designboom]


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