You have definitely seen photos taken inside a car or a train or any other wheeled transportation but have you ever saw one taken with a bicycle? Me neither, but that was before encountered one. Photographer Tom Olesnevich interestingly attached his DSLR Nikon D40 upside down to his bicycle and took photos via infrared mode while riding around the Big Apple. The project is dubbed as NYC By Bike.

FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle2 FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle3 FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle4 FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle5 FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle6 FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle7 FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle8 FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle9 FascinatingPhotosofNewYorkCityCapturedwithaBicycle10

The photographer says:

I’m the rider in all of the shots. They were taken with a Nikon D40 (gasp!), attached upside down to the bike with a GorillaPod, and triggered via infrared remote.


[via petapixel]


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