Artists can be so genius! Take a look at these miniature artworks made from feathers by American artist Chris Maynard. With feathers as his canvas and tools such as eye surgery scissors, forceps, scalpels, and magnifiers, the results are truly incredible. Plus, what’s more special with his pieces is that he only uses feathers from private bird owners or zoos.

FascinatingFeatherArtbyChrisMaynard2 FascinatingFeatherArtbyChrisMaynard3 FascinatingFeatherArtbyChrisMaynard4 FascinatingFeatherArtbyChrisMaynard5 FascinatingFeatherArtbyChrisMaynard6 FascinatingFeatherArtbyChrisMaynard7 FascinatingFeatherArtbyChrisMaynard8

[via boredpanda]


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