beach house design

Soak up the sun whilst staying in this gorgeous residence, a project designed by the talented people of Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.

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Description from Hughes Umbanhowar Architects:

Like driftwood collecting in courses on the beach, the house comfortably nestles in the interstices between waterfront and road along a narrow site on the northern coast of Jupiter Island. Spare in its 3,600 square feet, the house and its materials manifest the surprise of a beachcomber’s serendipitous and precious finds—of worn beach glass, an abandoned marine vessel, or an ephemeral pattern in the sand—and a riff on spontaneity and permanence. Completed in 2004, the house embodies the same complexities and dichotomies that characterize Jupiter Island. At once modern and timeless, the house is both a quaint coastal cottage and a chic isle villa. The cerebral geometries of the house are complemented by the pitched nautical dynamism of a structure perched on piers and railings, ready to set sail at a moment’s notice.


Photos by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects


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