Enthralling ‘Stellar Axis' in Antarctica’ by Lita Albuquerque

Since Disney’s ‘Frozen’ seems to be ‘THE’ movie event of December, here is something that is equally superb and magnificent. Though the story behind the work traces back in 2006, it is still as cool as forever. California-based artist Lita Albuquerque has created a unique installation called ‘Stellar Axis’ in the coolest (literally) place on earth, Antarctica. According to Jean de Pomereu, who worked as a photographer for Albuquerque, this was the largest and most ambitious art project ever undertaken in the earth’s southernmost continent. With a team of researchers and astronomers, Albuquerque situated 99 fabricated blue spheres on the Ross Ice Shelf. Every sphere was not randomly placed but was instead strategically located in such a way that each corresponds to the location of one specific star in the sky. The installation mirrors the sky above the Southern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice. You may want to check out more of the fascinating photos of Jean de Pomereu that are currently being featured in an exhibit for ‘Vanishing Ice’ at the Whatcom Museum, Washington until the 2nd of March, 2014.

Enthralling ‘Stellar Axis Antarctica’ by Lita Albuquerque2 Enthralling ‘Stellar Axis Antarctica’ by Lita Albuquerque3 Enthralling ‘Stellar Axis Antarctica’ by Lita Albuquerque4 Enthralling ‘Stellar Axis Antarctica’ by Lita Albuquerque5 Enthralling ‘Stellar Axis Antarctica’ by Lita Albuquerque6

Photos by Jean de Pomereu via designboom


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