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Korean studio IROJE KHM Architects have designed the HYE RO HUN.

A contemporary home in urban nature with dramatic access way from gate to entrance, two boxes on floating land, floating garden over the living room and floating roads.

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HYE RO HUN by IROJE KHM Architects:

The house in urban nature
This site is located in borderline between city and mountain. The view of the front side that is the east-side is clearing up, so the urban landscape of downtown Gwangju is seen. There are mountains by the rear-side as a nature and view.

Dramatic access way from gate to entrance
By opening transparent gate door, it starts to begin access into the house, along the long walkway where looks like architectural canyon. After the penetration through under space of the upper bridge-corridor, it comes to reach the inner court that is attached to entrance.

Two boxes on floating land
Two wooden boxes which are consisted of duplex room are laid on landscaped architectural mass which contain living room and dining room. The one box contains master bed and study room and another box is consisted of two bedrooms and study rooms for two daughters.

Floating garden over the living room – Special Space and Light of ‘Box inside Box’
Over the living room where has dynamic space in 9M high, double height master bed-mass with bamboo garden is floating…Through the top light of the roof, moving sunlight vary the atmosphere of the inside space of living room all day long.

Floating roads
Horizontal or vertical ways which are indoor or outdoor, all the ways inside of this house circulate itself continuosly each other with the dramatic sequence of the various space.


Photos by JongOh Kim


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