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Japan based studio Takeshi Hosaka Architects have designed the Daylight House.

This 85 square meter home residence located in Yokohama City, Kaganawa designed for a couple and their two children.

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Daylight House by Takeshi Hosaka Architects:

The surrounding high-rise apartment houses and low-rise built densely, sunlight was not such a place almost at ground level Torikome. Therefore, providing a light on the roof top of 5m above ground level, and the house that he was allowed to diffuse into the acrylic dome ceiling, can live comfortably under the light of natural day and night throughout the year. The private also open upward, so that the ceiling light is visible. In addition, the ceiling and the air layer in winter, to collect the air warmed by sunlight, so that hot air can be discharged, summer and he has been given the role of environmental control.


Photos from Takeshi Hosaka Architects


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