new year

Let us all welcome the new year with an extreme dare! Ready? Set? Go? Oh, you might want to think a million times before trying out what Russian artists Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnov actually did. With their collection dubbed as Skywalking Photography, these buddies were fully recharged with overflowing fearlessness as they captured images from construction cranes, church steeples, radio towers, and skyscrapers among other locations wherein they bravely included themselves in the picture. If you would ever think of following their lead, kindly do it with utmost caution and with much-needed professional help. Dare yourself. Forget about fear of heights but don’t forget to be always safe. Have a happy new year everyone! ♥

DareYourselfThisNewYearwithSkywalkingPhotography2 DareYourselfThisNewYearwithSkywalkingPhotography3 DareYourselfThisNewYearwithSkywalkingPhotography4 DareYourselfThisNewYearwithSkywalkingPhotography5 DareYourselfThisNewYearwithSkywalkingPhotography6

[via thecoolist]


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