Belgium apartment

You’re probably wondering why I labeled this apartment as “cute.” Well, the answer would be is that we’ve been accustomed to describing something tiny as cute and this apartment located in Forest, Bruxelles, Belgium was built within a small space and it has four levels by Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf architectes.


And you’d probably ask what’s with the “fireman’s pole?” Do you see that black pole beside the ornamental plant? Yes, that’s it and the owners use it to easily get down from the upper three floors to the bottom floor. How cool is that?

cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole3 cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole4 cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole5 cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole6 cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole7 cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole8 cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole9 cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole10 cutebelgiumapartmentwithfiremanspole11

[via architizer]


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