Photographer Mark Tipple realizes wave photography have been captured countless times, he wanted to make something different. As part of his Underwater Project, Mark produced the Mare Vida series that shows the glorious curling waves as it’s seen on the other side.

Actually, the Mare Vida series was found by chance. He says,

Shooting The Underwater Project dictates no boards and definitely no wetsuits – meaning the danger of losing skin was increased tenfold. With a wary eye watching for rogue waves I watched as Mike left the water, he stumbled on a few urchin spines adding insult to injury; and I wondered if there was something else that I could shoot underwater. After a few technical adjustments (read : complete confusion with new gear); the Mare Vida series found me.

wave photography CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple2 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple3 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple4  CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple6 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple7 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple8 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple9 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple10 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple11 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple12 CurlingWavesCapturedinAnotherPerspectivebyMarkTipple13

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