office interior design

Austria-based architecture firm INNOCAD believes that they “work with their brain, and act with their heart.” Personifying this mantra is their design for Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna. Boasting a colorful and cheerful environment that is clearly seen in every room. Featuring a playful slide, private desk pods and greenery in virtually every space. According to the architects, this project “intertwines and harmonizes physical, virtual and social working environments.”

MicrosoftViennaHeadquartersINNOCADArchitektur2 MicrosoftViennaHeadquartersINNOCADArchitektur3 MicrosoftViennaHeadquartersINNOCADArchitektur4 MicrosoftViennaHeadquartersINNOCADArchitektur5 MicrosoftViennaHeadquartersINNOCADArchitektur6

[via knstrct]


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