house design

This might not be your traditional castle but to its owner, it is a palace in its own right. A remarkably designed home that combine the dark wood and red metal that fit completely in the surrounding nature.

“The house structure is imposed on each of us,” says Patrizia Moroso.
This vast area means it can reserve space in his family life and other working meetings, usually it is in the reception room on the ground floor (see photo) that the entrepreneur talks business.
The decoration of this piece, is constantly evolving, Patrizia using it to experiment and test prototypes also of new pieces of furniture.
Here is the Lowland sofa of her friend Patricia Urquiola and paintings of her husband Abdu Salam occupying space. 
Alongside them, carpets Carpet Reloaded Golran for Moroso.
His house has also become a showroom on certain occasions.

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