Three years ago, known French artist Daniel Buren installed an intriguing set of colorful wind socks on the shores of Den Haan, Belgium. A hundred giant posts bearing wind socks that are likened to striped candies were set for Beaufort04, the fourth edition of the Triennial of Contemporary art by the Sea. The wind socks follow the wind direction that causes it to be positioned horizontally. In this particular artwork, Daniel Buren says he wanted to inspire the illusion of a forest on the beach. A refreshing installation that added vivid colors by the sea.

art installation r2_2009_coq_2130_003_bure_3139  r2_2009_coq_2130_006_bur_3161 r2_2009_coq_2130_007_bur_3232 r2_2009_coq_2130_008_bur_3245 r2_2009_coq_2130_009_bur_3255 r2_2009_coq_2130_010_bur_3193 r2_2009_coq_2130_010_bur_3193_2 r2_2009_coq_2130_012_bur_3267 r2_2009_coq_2130_013_bur_3372 r2_2009_coq_2130_014_bur_3396 r2_2009_coq_2130_015_bur_3399 WindTunnelHatsR_650x428

Daniel Buren’s recent works include The Monumenta in Paris. To know more about the artist, visit his website.


[via luciolepress]


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