luminous acoustics

Florida-based creative design studio, LumAcco (Luminous Acoustics Company), which specializes in illuminated modern wall art has come up with something very interesting that will definitely excite music and art lovers out there. Using bright, big and long lasting RGB LEDS with a rated life span of 75,000 hours and all aluminum frame construction, the team has created luminous acoustics that light up to the beat of music. For their kickstarter edition, LumAcco offers a 8”x12” sized desktop that is packed with light features and custom acrylic engraving. You may visit this site to know more about the project.

Clever Sound Activated Sculptural Lighting by LumAcco2

Louis Christopher Vissepo, co-founder of LumAcco tells about the inception of Luminous Acoustics:

 It all started one evening while I was watching music videos. My room was dimmly lit and while watching one particular video I had a thought. “I wonder if I could find something that could light up to the beat of music with all that color for my room”. So as I stared at my empty wall, I decided to find something to put there. It had to look a certain way however. Something modern and sleek.

After a few hours of searching the Internet I realized no such thing existed. At least not something that was designed to hang on a wall in your home or office. So that was it, I decided I was going to make what I envisioned. I did some research on what I would need to conduct experiments and build working models. A few weeks into it another realization occured. I could take what I’ve learned so far and make modern wall art. Elegant and sophisticated looking pieces that could not only act as ambient mood lighting or strobe to music, but also look nice on a wall while turned off. Even though it was a lot of hard work, I was still thrilled with this idea. Something totally versatile and customizable for anyone’s needs.

I asked two close trustworthy people that I know to join me on my endeavor. They each have their own set of skills that range from computer programming, electrical engineering, artistry and interior design. Together we came up with a vision and plan for how we could take my working concepts and build full scale prototypes.


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