bookshop design

Kids get to enjoy rainbow-like spaces, story-telling and animation shows in Kid’s Republic. A colorful picture bookstore in Beijing China. Designed by Japanese Sako Architect.

kids_republic_3 kids_republic_4 kids_republic_5 kids_republic_main

Description from Sako Architect:

There is an activity room on the first floor and a children™s bookstore on the second floor. The activity room on the first floor is a rainbow-like space created with 12 colorful ribbons of different perimeters. Activities like story-telling and animation shows are periodically held here. The section gaps in the wall and ceiling are used for illumination or displaying items, while those in the floor are also used as a stage and an auditorium. Carpets are laid in the room for children to freely sit and lie down on the floor.

The stairs leads the children to the bookstore on the second floor. The rainbow-like ribbon starts from the hall and goes up along the stairs till the bookstore. The 100-meter-long colorful ribbon, which serves various functions at various places, whirls and twists in the store; it finally ends in the room and goes back to the armrest of the staircase baluster on the first floor where it had started.




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