Several Waterfalls Flowing on Huge Sandstone Formation in Australia

Considered one of the most notable landmarks in Australia is Ayer’s Rock, also known as Uluru, a huge sandstone formation that stands about 348 meters high and is located near Alice Springs in central Australia. This legendary formation has several waterfalls flowing from its peak, a touch of silver against the rock that is said to turn glowing red at dawn and sunset and changes color at different times of the year.


Dare To ‘Step Into The Void’ Over the French Alps This 2014

If you are up for a real challenge this 2014, you might want to visit the 11,526 feet high Aiguille du Midi, or Needle of the South over the French Alps. For thirty years, the place has been the home to the highest vertical ascent cable car. Its latest highlight is the glass box installation called ‘Step Into The Void’. The box is composed of five panes of very resilient [...]


Enchanting Nature-reserve in South Africa Celebrates Abundance of Wildlife

In the Waterberg region of South Africa lies the Leobo Private Reserve with a Lodge which sleeps 18 or at The Observatory, a state-of-the-art private house designed by architect Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens. This playful 12,000 malaria-free nature reserve that overlooks the vast Palala Valley. Visitors are encouraged to be as laid back and flexible as possible, not limited by time. Just like enchanting chameleon in Northern Sotho where the name [...]


Puerto Escondido's Secret Mexican Beach Hut Hideaway

Architect Federico Rivera Rio in collaboration with Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha have designed the Hotel Escondido located along the Mexican coastline north Puerto Escondido. This resort hotel offer 16 villas all designed with palapa, a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves which is considered as one of the most important architectural contributions of Philippine culture to Mexican West cultures.   [via design-milk]


The Mantra Underwater Room: A Diver's Dream Bedroom

Located in Pemba Island in the east coast of Africa, Tanzania is the new Mantra Resort designed by Genberg Underwater Hotels. The floating hotel suite has 3-levels where guests can go sun bathing during the day and submerged four meters at sea with 24-hour and 350 degree view of marine life. This hotel bedroom is a definitely diver’s dream. Photos courtesy Jesper Anhede via archdaily


Unique Italian Hotel in Pre-historic Caves

Experience staying in a prehistoric cave in Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita located in Matera, south of Italy. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a part of a well-preserved historic town where homes, palaces and churches where in caves. Photos courtesy of Le Grotte della Civita


Fabulously Stunning Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Switzerland

If Europe happens to be part of your travel wish list, then you should definitely visit this  fascinating Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, Switzerland. You would surely enjoy your experience of the breathtaking mountain scenery of Graubünden and take hold of the most beautiful view of lush forests and flowing hills of low grass. Aside from its dramatic backdrop, the sophisticated and stylish interiors of the hotel would very well satisfy [...]


Beautiful Hotel Valentinerhof Atop Alpine Meadow by noa*

noa* [network of architecture] studio have designed the Hotel Valentinerhof located on top Seiser Alm, the largest high altitude Alpine meadow, in Castelrotto, Italy. The main structure’s material is wood and natural stone built on approximate 3,350 meters above sea level. Description by noa*: The hotel is located in the village of Kastelruth next to the well-known Seiser Alm at approx. 1200 meters above sealevel. The family establishment was enhanced and enlarged with a [...]


Entrancing Kingston Treehouse in Africa's Lion Sands

Lion Sands Sabi Sand is one of the oldest and most successful private reserves in South Africa. The history of today’s Sabi Sand Reserve as a formal association dates back to 1948 when the landowners formed the private nature reserve. Part of the reserve is this enchanting Kingston Treehouse where guests wine, dine and spend the night surrounded by  candle lit lamps.


Amazing Vacation Retreat: Ayada Maldives Resort

Developed by Aydeniz Group, Ayada Maldives Resort is an amazing 112 villa resort located in the island of Maguhdhuvaa in Gaafy Dhaalu Atoll. The villas allow guests to have relaxing and relishing views of the azure Indian Ocean from a private pool and terrace. Photos from Aydeniz Group