Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam

Project description: This breathtakingly beautiful place is environment friendly. The contemporary architecture has been designed empathetically to enhance the natural beauty of the site, materials and colours blending seamlessly into the terrain. With a passionate commitment to supporting and protecting the environment, Con Dao has been built with the very lightest ecological footprint. Our 50 villas sit up along a mile of sandy beach, sheltered by the green forested hills behind [...]


Places + Photography: Snow Covered Greenland

Swiss photographer Joel Tettamanti has photographed a lot of places in the world but his series of captures from Greenland titled Aasiaat is simply outstanding. Probably because of the dramatic contrast of snow and the colorful structures and homes. [via beautifuldecay and holyghost]


Places: The Narrows

A breathtakingly beautiful place in Texas Hill Country on the Hays/Blanco County line where a coral reef once thrived in land covered by an ocean that is now dry and frozen in time. The Narrows got its name from the narrow appearance of the gorge from above. The gorge widens at the water’s edge; water has eroded potholes into the rocky banks and river bottom. Springs flow from the cliffs [...]


Places: Villa Escudero

A different kind of dining experience that is uniquely Villa Escudero. This hacienda is located in Quezon Province, Philippines. Rest or enjoy lazy afternoons in hammocks, and comfortable rooms in the midst of nature. What you’re seeing above is the Waterfall Restaurant where you get to dine as cool water is running over your feet. [via home-designing]


Kamay ni Hesus (Hand of Jesus)

Allow me to share with you a place where you can meditate, relax, see the wonders of God’s creations, and most especially, experience a different kind of healing. I would like you to discover the “Kamay ni Hesus Shrine” located in Lucban, Quezon, Philippines. You need to climb at least 200 plus steps to reach the top. Yes, it takes a lot of energy and effort but I should say [...]


Experience the lush greenery of Costa Rica

Not many is familiar of Costa Rica, but surely these photos will leave a mark in that traveller in you. The lush greenery and delicate conservation of its forests despite the construction of little cottages within it gives you a sense of being one with nature. Find out more of this beautiful place via