Brooding Shots of a Photographer's Mobile Home and the Sea

Around 3 years ago, Lisbon-based photographer Alessandro Puccinelli bought an old motorhome Hymer 1983 and drove around some of the most beautiful coasts of Portugal. Puccinelli’s journey was meant to explore his passion of photography. Along the way, Puccinelli captured some solitary moments of his ‘home’, the vast sea and the quiet evenings before he sleeps. [via behance]


Spectacular Surfer Photography by Chris Burkard

These surfer and wave photographs captured at sunset by Chris Burkard is simply spectacular. Check out his most popular works here. And many more photos here, here and here.


Captivating Aerial Photographs of Botswana Wildlife Taken 500 feet Above Ground

One series of delightful aerial photos that will make your day is from photographer Zack Seckler. Captured 500 feet above ground, the Botswana wildlife look serene and interesting. Check out more of Zack’s photographs right here. [via creative-boom]


Magical Long Exposure Photos of Fireflies in the Forest

Yume Cyan took long exposure photos of thousands of fireflies wandering around the forest in Nagoya, Japan. The pictures are like little green bubbles gently floating amongst the trees. Check out more of Yume’s amazing photographs right here. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Spencer Black  took some 4-hr time lapse photos of  Blue Ghost fireflies in Brevard, North Carolina. Spencer says, ‘Blue Ghost fireflies are unique because [...]


Enthralling Photos of Stand-up Paddle Boarding at Night

Stand-up paddle boarding or paddle surfing is quite new in terms of water sports. After beginning to gain attention in 2005, stand-up paddling was listed as the most popular outdoor activity in 2013. Photographer Julia Cumes chanced upon night paddlers on a windless night of September last year. Enthralled by the beauty of the quiet evening, the tranquil scene of a group of night paddlers blew her away. Cumes adds, [...]


Aerial Photos of Lake in Poland Show Striking Colors of Four Seasons

Photographer and pilot Kacper Kowalski takes on a different perspective in documenting nature. Specializing in aerial photos, Kowalski was able to take breathtaking shots of two lakes of Poland as it changes season by season. The photos are described as ‘unreal, almost graphic images – images of patterns, symmetries and asymmetries created by man and nature’. [via emorfes]


♥ Hurray to 2014!

Hello 2014! Let us all welcome the new year ahead with these fascinating photos of fireworks. Wahooo!


Angela Kelly Captures Beautifully Patterned Frozen Soap Bubbles

Bubbles are always fun to look at when they float mid-air, ready to pop anytime. But how will it look like when these bubbles are frozen? Curious, photographer Angela Kelly took her son to play with bubbles one winter morning. They blew the bubbles over the hood of Angela’s car and frozen patio table then they watched as each bubble slowly crystallize to form spheres,  unique shapes and pattern. The [...]


Dramatic Photos of Traffic Lights on a Foggy Night by Lucas Zimmermann

Photographer Lucas Zimmermann took photos of traffic lights on a foggy night near Weimar, Germany. The long exposure shots are like rainbow portals on the road. You can see more from the series over on Behance. [via designerburst]


Santa Merrily Invades Classic Paintings

Artist Ed Wheeler imagines when Santa is on a break giving away gifts, this happens. Wheeler’s self-portrait called Santa Classics shows him dressed as Santa Claus merrily invading classic paintings. Something to make you smile on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas everyone! [via flavorwire]