David Hill's brilliant digital creations

David Hill love of photography has brought him from one adventure and discovery to the next. As he puts it, “now seems to have branched out to the extreme sides of the spectrum. On one hand, I love doing big, epic digital composites. The possibilities are endless, as are the hours spent on it. It’s an obsession, really.” It’s a thrill to have this kind of eagerness to learn everything about […]


15 fascinating astronomy photos

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Amusing 12 celebrity photos via LIFE magazine

We’ve seen them in glamorized photos, being proper in interviews and it’s always good to see them do an unlikely pose. Now the concept of these captures I found is not over-the-top. It’s achingly ordinary but it’s actually what makes it extraordinary.    [via colt-rane.com]


Extreme pipe photographs (8 incredible waves)

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Fun and Creative Live-Your-Dreams Yearbook Portraits

Tired of boring, too formal yearbook shots? These students took matters in their own hands, in this case chalks and chalkboards.. They drew their colorful dreams, posed in front of it as if living it already. [via cuded.com]


Boost your creativity with these concept photography


Edible Art Project: Eszter Burghardt takes us to 'Iceland'

Meet Eszter Burghardt, a Canadian-Hungarian artist based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her current mouthwatering edible art project is reminiscent of the Icelandic landscape. In re-creating the ‘sceneries’, she uses food, wool and random objects from her studio. After she constructs a miniature diorama, it’s captured by a macro lens to get the illusion that the photos were actually taken on site. For starters, pictured above called the ‘Milk Dip’, here’s the rest of the […]


Baby Mila: What daydreams are made of


Looking at the Earth from a Different Perspective

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Dear Photograph, Love Nostalgia

I’ve discovered this wonderful website, dearphotograph.com. The simple concept itself is quite touching. That is to get your old photo, hold it up on the same place it was taken, and reminisce. And there it is, nostalgia visualized. Here’s some of my favorites. All photos and captions via dearphotograph.com