Heavenly Kokkola Home + Susanna Vento

Interior design of this dwelling couldn’t have been more beautiful! Gorgeous decor by Susanna Vento, coupled with the amazing photography of Kristiina Kurronen, no wonder this whole space was magnificently captured. From the entrance, it may strike you as a plain looking home, but as you slowly stroll inside, you’ll find an awesome mixture. A touch of dark colors and geometric shapes in decor perfectly compliments the plainness of the walls and ceilings. The entire wall […]


Vintage Feel + Lea's Home in Sweden

Can’t help but smile and feel happy once I saw this yellow entrance I found in Marie Claire Maison. I would imagine the homeowners feeling the same way everytime they go home. Which is a very good idea actually, one that’ll surely cheer you up after a grouchy climb out of the bed in the morning or after a bad day at work.. The reason why that color dominates in this home […]


Pastel House No. 225

When I saw the interior design works of Alexandra Angle the first time, I just need to go back and feature another one. Their projects are so beautifully arranged, can’t get enough of it! Starting off with this unique chandelier (pictured above), imagine the morning light hitting the blue hued glasses, not to mention when it’s lit at night.. All pretty and cool. The rest of the rooms are equally pleasing to eye. Pastel […]


Pale Colors Make Super Interiors

Here’s a beautiful discovery found in mitademo blog. A beautiful collection of home interior photos that shows pale colors indeed make a room soft, delicate and sweet. Add to that classic vintage elements, such as the crystal chandelier and old furniture is a hit combination. Indeed, a homebody’shome.


A Kitchen That Reminds You of Spring

A sneek peak at a zesty kitchen that truly reminds you of spring. Fresh gentle colors with ample natural lighting. This kitchen is cheery and really lovely.    It’s simple yet functional. Less is definitely more in this kitchen… Thumbs up!   [via yvestown]


Endearing Home With a Beautiful Modest Garden

The interior and exterior of this home is ultra lovely. Thanks to Alexandra Angle Interior Design,who creates environments that are elegant, diverse, multi-generational, authentic, and rarely without a pinch of whimsy. [via 79ideas.org]


Bed and Breakfast with a Vintage Twist

Vintage letters, modern finds and a variety of knickknacks is what makes this lovely bed and breakfast named La Maison Pujol, South of France. Architect and designer Philippe Phi has done a wonderful job of renovating this former winery into the chic boutique. Hotel’s website   [via style-files.com]


Romantic inspirations, romantic room

With all the rush,  going places, deadlines and meetings. It’s very hard not miss your own bed. Moreso, you’re own room. To rest, read a book and just ponder on. This isn’t my room, I wish it was. But this will surely inspire me to do some redecorating. Quaint interior, soft earth tones, off-whites and cool beige. A quiet getaway in the comforts of your own home. [via myparadissi]


Secret Countryside Haven

Watering your plants while your dog wanders around looks like a scene in a barn far, far away from the city. Well, this is actually in a home in New York, in Rhinebeck, to be specific. Yes, a village somewhere in NY has hidden treasures like this abode. The beauty of interior designing is that it’s able to transport homeowners to a haven, surrounded with things they love and feel comfortable in. Meagan […]


Simply posh Scandinavian home

Welcome to a Scandinavian home. Casual, chic, strong lines with a dash of feminine. From the laidback arrangement of wall frames on the floor in the living, to the kitchen chalkboard wall. Colorful office space, to the sweet and personal bedroom decor. Simple design and clean lines spiced up trendy elements rule this space. Nicely done.