Lovely French Home

Looks like an interesting work space. Notice the stand that hold photos on your left? It reminds me of postcard holders in bookstores. Or it might actually be just that. Neat re-purposing idea. There are more things to love in this home in France, take a tour! [via miss-design]


Gracious England Home

Love that this home looks warm and dainty. Fit for a starting family. As soon as one enters this home, it’s filled with natural light coming from all directions. Favorite piece would be the huge mahogany former pharmacy apothecary chest but the staircase, with over 50 drawers each with a mirrored plate identifying the original lotions and potions they would have contained. Interesting combination of antique pieces and knickknacks surround the place. […]


Stellan Herner: Home Interiors Photographer

Meet Stellan Herner, brilliant photographer based in Stockholm. I’ve recently discovered his beautiful home interior shots in freshome and got quickly enamored by his work. Look at all those colors! His attention to detail refines his captures, engaging viewers of his portfolio. He knows when and where to take the perfect shot.   [via Freshome]


Idha Lindhag Captures Beautiful Interiors

Swedish photographer Idah Lindhag does that for a living: take photos of beautiful interiors to be featured in interior design magazines in Sweden. A dream job for us who love looking thru home design inspirations, right? Have look at some snaps of Idah’s wonderful portfolio. Photos of friendly and cozy Scandinavian interiors. Every home has stories to tell and is always, always welcoming in every way. Visit   [via trendland]


Rustic Home + Pops of Color

Rustic inspiration and bursts of color might seem like an odd combination to this home. But looking at this photos, the combo worked out pretty well. One of the key elements that enlivened this space are Andy Warhol’s posters which are carefully spread all over. Pieces like the chest coffee table, chairs, pillows, throws and side tables in bold colors completed the look. Having the living area on the second level […]


Mariana Garcia's Melbourne Home

I found this gorgeous space thru The Design Files. It’s Mariana Garcia’s family home in Melbourne, Australia. Looking around, it’ll make you feel that the colors for every decor, utensil or trinket was bought at the same time and specifically chosen to conform with the rest. But that’s overthinking it. It just so happened that Mariana has the eye for color, buying them as time went by and it all just […]


Line Thit Klein Snaps + Crisp White Home

Raw wood and lots of light make a very good combination. The imposing black colors of frames, stripes on the carpet and fireplace is a striking contrast against the white walls.  Gifted photographer Line Thit Klein takes a peek in side this summer home with a Nordic atmosphere. Photos by Line Thit Klein Stylist: Helen Wiggers   [via 79ideas]


Botanical Prints + Your Home

Invite nature in your home and place is on you walls. Simply hang these beautiful botanical depictions and instant interest is added to your wall. These somewhat remind me of school labs. You know those educational materials that are forever posted in old classrooms. Only when I saw them grouped like this did it occur to me that this is actually a valuable decor. And it looks good too. Scour thru your […]


Firehouse Island + Alexandra Angle

Alexandra Angle will once again make your interior design heart skip a beat. Firehouse Island project has a simple exterior with soft pastels and some quirky decor inside. From the psychedelic sofa cover to the rainbow-colored hammock-seat, this beach home is playful and fun. Paint  in bold solid colors serve as a decor in itself. Bright prints of the pedestrian-inspired floor design for the bathroom and kitchen is pure awesome. Alright ready for […]


Foxy Studio + Zoe Dela Casas

Have you ever seen a space that seemed really small but as you look around more it seems endless? This is what happened to me when I found photos of Zoe’s incredible home in Paris~ via livingagency. As you can see in the first photo, you can easily dismiss this as a plain, elementary home. I have to say, be prepared for quite a few surprises inside. There are layers and layers of […]