28 Most Enticingly Beautiful Swimming Pools of the World

Find inspiration for hot summer days as you daydream to take a dip into some of the gorgeously enticing swimming pools of the world. This collection of alluring clear-blue waters will make you wish you’re actually there or just search for that perfectly cool pool closest to your home…    Photos above via pinterest, tumblr, designboom, weheartit, nimvo, kbhome, thefancy Photo above courtesy Cipriano Landscape Design and Custom Swimming Pool    


23+ Kick-ass Workspace Design Ideas That Will Keep You Inspired

A good workspace should be inspiring and effective but most of all, it should be beautiful. Here we collect some of the best workspace design ideas for you to draw in inspiration from if your next project is to improve your own workspace…  


23+ Great Indoor Bike Storage Ideas

For those who stay in the city with very limited space, the creative challenge of finding that perfect spot inside your home to park your bicycle is pretty common. To help you out, here’s a collection of great indoor bike storage ideas. . .  


31+ Shades of Purple Bedroom Ideas

The color purple maybe too stimulating for the bedroom but still a lot of people choose this palette for their sleeping haven. Whether choosing a different shade, paint it on a feature wall, mix it up with pink or white, there are many ways to lessen the vividness of purple so that it is more soothing for the bedroom. Check out this collection of 31+ purple bedroom ideas for inspiration…


Color Inspiration: 27 Relaxing Green Living Room Ideas

One of the reasons why green is a favorite theme for the living room is that it’s said to create a feeling of comfort, laziness, relaxation, calmness. It helps us balance and soothe our emotions. See our collected pictures of 27 of our favorite green living room ideas.


12 Famous + Clever Quotes Illustrated by Ryan Mcarthur

Canadian artist Ryan Mcarthur illustrates witty one liners that never get old. Using his favorites materials, a computer, paper, ink and most importantly passion, Ryan brings you his favorite quotations that speak to life and illustrate them simply and beautifully. Prints are available in various colors on Design Different shop. [via mocovote]


Inspiring Photo Quotes by Alander Wong

Aiming to make a photo quote per day for a whole year is Hong Kong based designer Alander Wong. Follow Alander’s expanding collection on PHOTO QUOTE and on instagram. [via chaz mcintyre]


14 Beautiful Print Designs by Drew Melton

Los Angeles-based graphic designer, letter and illustrator Drew Melton started Justlucky in 2009. Guided by curiosity and relentless yearning to to do more, Drew continues to create beautiful typography in each of his projects.    See more of Drew’s growing portfolio on his website.


Wonderfully Geeky Valentine Cards by Joanna Behar

New York-based artist Joanna Behar created special series of cards for the graphic designers, type geeks and web designers. Embrace the geek in you with these uber cute cards for Valentine’s day.    More of Joanna Behar’s work on Behance, prints available on Society6. [via lustik]


Motivational Posters by Busy Building Things

Busy Building Things (BBT) is an inspiration shop for community of doers, go getters, and sleepless dreamers. They make beautiful motivational prints like the ones you’ll see below! Enjoy!