Treasured moments with the ones you truly love (15 Photos)

It’s really nice to know that there are still families who make great efforts to bond and grow together with much love in their hearts. I believe that one good way to bond is taking pictures, especially snapshots, where you could actually see and feel the real emotions of the people in front of the camera. Great laughs and smiles are best captured through snapshots, agree? Try to catch a […]


15 Fun + Beautiful Kid's Bedroom

Nurture your child with a room full of color and lively decor. Get them involved and have fun creating their own room. Just like these playful examples! [via]


Remember: You Can Become Great Too


Animals and humans unite in saying it's so nice to be happy

I feel really good when I see animals smiling as much as human beings do. They make me look at life positively and say to myself that: “Hey, there’s more to life so don’t just frown there. Go ahead and smile! Have a happy life! :)”        So, don’t worry… Just, be happy!!! Smile!!!   [Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12]


The Vibrance of Orange

This one’s the Arch found in Arches National Park, Utah. It was only this year that I have learned to appreciate this color, orange. I have realized that orange gives a certain feeling of brightness and vibrance. And whenever I look at it, I feel really refreshed. Would you agree on this one?   After all those wonderful orange finds. Here are some facts about the color orange: 1. The colour […]


Don't you just love LOVE even if it's not Valentine's Day?

“This one’s pretty cool,” I said to myself when I found this probably a month ago. These pendants differ from what I always see that couples wear. I am very sure that you have seen two broken hearts, that become one when put together. Two broken hearts that become one are so thousand years ago. This one’s pretty unique and somewhat “literal” if you try to consider it closely, but […]


Interesting Works of Wisdom (14 Images)

The other day I found these works of wisdom around the net. Some are funny, some are hilarious, some may seem a little bit serious, just like that one up above. That is strikingly true, isn’t it? Work should come first in order to achieve success, not the other way around. Here comes the other works that I have fortunately found inside the world wide web, see more below! [via]


The word "difference" may also mean "balance"

Each and everyone of us was created equal in the eyes of God, meaning, He treats us equally, no favoritism, no one is better than the other, no one is weaker than the other, no one is bigger than the other.  This is how God loves us, we are all on equal footing. However, in reality, we know that we were all created differently, meaning, we have different personalities, different […]


Kamay ni Hesus (Hand of Jesus)

Allow me to share with you a place where you can meditate, relax, see the wonders of God’s creations, and most especially, experience a different kind of healing. I would like you to discover the “Kamay ni Hesus Shrine” located in Lucban, Quezon, Philippines. You need to climb at least 200 plus steps to reach the top. Yes, it takes a lot of energy and effort but I should say […]


Unique But Great Finds

I found this very cool website that lives by its name,, with its tagline, “all things cool.” Now that’s very cool for the fourth time I’ve said it. That clock up there is the coolest that I have seen. It is called QLOCKTWO and it tells you time in words. It features a matrix of letters, where the letters that spell the current time illuminate. A brightness sensor adjusts the illumination automatically whenever needed. […]