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Wave's Top 11 of 2011

eleven Intensity of Red Views: 95817 ten Print My Fingers in Eight Ways Views: 147391 nine Christmas Lights in 8 Bedrooms Views: 157251 eight 17 Things No One Probably Have Told You Yet Comics by Alex Noriega  Views: 153223 seven Delectable + Miniature Food Sculptures Views: 185035 six The Selby + Simple Creative Home Views: 187536 five Finds: Romantic, Engagement + Photos Views: 255943 four Floating Bedroom + Clever Home Studio Design Views: 257470 three Remember: You […]


Making The Moment Sweeter Like A Piece of Cake

Yes! Cakes make weddings sweeter, no doubt. And it would become really sweeter if you add a personal touch to your special cake like that one above. An excerpt from the poem “I Carry Your Heart With Me” by E. E. Cummings were written all over the cake. The whole poem is read as follows: I carry your heart with me by E. E. Cummings i carry your heart with me (i […]


A Warm Toast To The Coaster

Would you say that this bread-looking object on which the mug stands on is not a real bread? I should say that you’re a genius if you’d firmly say that it’s not a bread. And as the title connotes, that is simply a coaster. For some time, I thought that coasters are just addition to our number of dishes in the sink. Well, now I guess they are great addition […]


The Wonders of a Chalkboard

I’ve always been fascinated with the use of a chalkboard. When I was still studying in school, I was fond of writing on it, though it wasn’t that good compared to my writing on a piece of paper. That’s why, I really admired my classmates and teachers who make it look so easy to have a good writing on a chalkboard. Luckily, mine was a bad one, because if it […]


Nuno Filipe Miranda Revives Famous Quotes

Nuno Filipe Miranda reminds us of timeless inspiring quotes. Reviving them by creating dramatic presentation of each quote. The fading effect of the quote’s author is conversant in itself. A great way to represent a series of classic quotes that aims to inspire you and more generations to come.   Visit Nuno Filipe Miranda’s Flickr page.


Kiss, Laugh, and Dream


Christmas Remix Finds + Quotes

Merry Christmas everyone! In a few hours, we’ll all be celebrating the birth of Jesus and I wish everyone a happy Christmas. But before that, I would like to share some of the greatest quotes that pertain to this very special Yuletide Season. Here they go… along with my few Christmas-inspired cute and unique finds. At Christmas, all roads lead home. ~ Marjorie Holme Peace on earth will come to stay, When […]


Chase the blues away this Christmas

The different shades of blue are really fascinating, aren’t they? Care to see some of them? Here they go… But wait. Ain’t that cake delectable? Looks so yummy! Oh well, take two, here are the other shades of blue!


16 Lovely Living Room Ideas

This week we’re highlighting a room for entertaining guests, reading and spending time with family, the living room! Here are sixteen interior decoration ideas to inspire you. Pick a favorite!      source: one. two. three.  four. five. six.  seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen. fourteen. fifteen. sixteen.