28 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas


Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: Inspiring Quotes Illustrated by Lisa Congdon

Totally inspiring quotes illustrated by Lisa Congdon in her latest book called ‘Whatever You Are, Be A Good One’. The title is a pretty good advice in itself. See more of below… [via brainpickings]


Unexpectedly Touching + Funny Quotes From Disney Movies

Loving these quotes from much loved Disney movies made by Studio Marshall Arts. The messages are touching and inspiring in many ways, no wonder kids and kids-at-heart love these movies. Find them all right here.


Blissfully Romantic Rainy Wedding Day Photography Ideas

The latest in Wave Avenue inspirations is this collection of rainy weddings. To some this may look like a bummer but it is actually a blessing. Rainy weddings are beautiful, dramatic and oh so romantic.


Fresh + Romantic Wisteria Inspired Weddings

The latest in Wave Avenue inspirations is this collection of gorgeous wisteria inspired weddings. Wisteria in full bloom is fresh, divine and absolutely romantic.. A perfect theme for weddings. [via the knot, anna costa food, something borrowed, photos, wedding and event news]


108-year-old Farmhouse That Inspired the Movie UP

Would you turn down a million dollars offer to give up your house? 84-year old Edith Macefield did in a commitment to hold on to things that are important to her and became a folk hero when her story reached the public in 2006. Macefield was offered to sell her home so that developers can build a shopping mall in Seattle, Washington. Firm on not giving up her home the [...]


Rescued Orphan Kitten Found a New Best Friend in Golden Retriever

This beautiful friendship between Ponzu, a Golden Retriever, and Ichimi, a rescued orphan kitten, is too adorable for words. Find more photos of their cuteness and adventures on Instagram. [via wherecoolthingshappen]


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16 Playful Indoor Swing Ideas For Your Home

The latest in Wave Avenue inspirations is this collection of playful indoor swing ideas to turn any room into a playground.


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23 Romantic Patios + Outdoor Dining Ideas for Valentine's Day

The latest in Wave Avenue inspirations is this collection of some of the most romantic patios and outdoor dining ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Anti-Valentine Cards with Weirdly Sweet Messages Will Make You Laugh

Etsy shop owner Julie Ann Art won’t make your usual Valentine’s Day cards. Julie’s funny, weirdly sweet and sometimes naughty messages are ones that you won’t find in hallmark cards and have won admirers everywhere. If you’re looking for anti-valentine’s day cards or something that will surely make someone laugh, head over to Julie Ann’s etsy shop.