Clever T-Shirt Designs by Nacho Diaz

Check out these clever t-shirt designs by Spanish artist Nacho Diaz that would certainly tickle the creative side of your brains and would probably put big smiles on your lips. [via inspirationhut]


Clever Off-the-Grid Street Light Powered by Coastal Breeze

The need for public lighting in the seaside city of Cartagena Colombia inspired the design of Flow – a completely off-the-grid street light that is powered by the coastal breeze. The Flow is made of bamboo which shows that it is not only cost-effective the design is also sustainable. To make the Flow accessible to everyone, designer Alberto Vasquez took great lengths designing as an easily assembled piece. [via design of the world]


Three-Part Suspended Staircase with Integrated Work Desk + Storage

Dutch design studio Mieke Meijer, in collaboration with Just Hasnoot have designed the Object élevé, a suspended three-part  staircase which also offers space to work, collect and store next to the function of connecting two floors. This special staircase that serves as an access to the attic was handcrafted using oak and black steel. Description by Mieke Meijer: Élevé object has a strong relationship with previous installations of Studio Mieke [...]


Charge Your Ipad or Phone with this Multi-functional Solar Table

This sleek table designed by Marjan Van Aubel and Solaronix to harvest solar energy is actually a pretty good idea. It is handy in charging small appliance, your tablet or mobile phone. 


Creative + Fun Kid's Beds Designed as Fort and Caravan

Furniture designers in Mathy by Bols allows kids to dream, travel and have fun in these creatively designed beds. With a bed that look like an trailer or a tent any kid excited to get to bed – there are even plans of adding a customized license plate for the caravan! [via mathy-by-bols, fubiz]


Easily Plan Your Travel by Pinning on This Cork Globe

Planning your next trip? Or daydreaming for your next vacation? Check out this perfect travel or daydreaming partner, a cork globe comes with its own set of pins. Designed by Chiaki Kawakami. Made for Suck UK. [via theawesomer]


Sleigh-Inspired Suspended Treehouse Promises Minimal Impact in Nature

Farrow Partnership Architects have designed a tree house that is nature-friendly with unique form that is reminiscent of a sleigh. This ‘Sky Villa’ prototype is said to have minimal impact on the tree as its central support relies only on the trunk – like a clip-on somehow. Residents of Canada could expect some of this tree villas in a national park near Toronto soon. [via weburbanist]


In Kenya, There's a 180,000 Year-Old Coral Cave Turned Fine Dining Restaurant

In Diani Kenya, there’s a restaurant that offers fine dining inside a cave called Ali Barbour Cave Restaurant. Founded 3 decades ago by owners George and Jackie Barbour, the restaurant has retained the original stone and walls of the cave by just complimenting it with furniture, fittings, romantic lighting and even sound effects. The dining area is right beneath the open-air cave where guests can enjoy stargazing while dining. The [...]


Posters That Will Teach That Clients Are Always...

Right? Or on another planet? In this fun series by Jonathan Quintin the client is always right of course even though most of their requests are quite… challenging. Quintin shares, Here is a self initiated project we worked on to develop our illustration and branding skills. It’s kind of a fun and funny subject too, as we have had some ‘interesting’ clients in the past. Have a look through, it may [...]


Impressive Artworks Made From Recycled Paper by Material Immaterial Lab

Material Immaterial Lab has come up with a series of unconventional designs of light fittings and furniture made from recycled paper using the concept of papier-mâché. Description by Material Immaterial Lab: The texture and details in nature have always been awe-inspiring, from the form of the flowers to the translucence of ferns, the texture of mushrooms, softness of mosses and the strength of the nautilus, they have all mesmerized us at [...]