Super Personalized Bike

The title gives it all away here. Very much personalized I may say and a pretty cool concept too. I bet kids would totally love this! They’ll have a kick out of it. Very playful.. Would you want to have one of this?   [via design-milk]


Fancy Book Bed

Do you believe of sleeping with a book as pillow as a form of studying? It was said that this is a huge help in remembering the lessons thoroughly. How about an entire book as your bed? This fancy bed was created by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki. Just imagine having pages for sheets and pillow as bookmarks. And you, as the main character. Sweeeet dreams!


A Queen Size Hammock

Just imagine a huge soft hammock waiting for you at home. That would be just utterly fantastic isn’t it? For most of us who wants to laze around the house in our days off. This is perfect… What’s more is that these can be installed outdoors! Simply cool.. Check out lebeanock’s website.


Creative branch-like bookshelf

If you’re tired of seeing the usual straight horizontal and vertical lines for a bookshelf, why not try another approach? Take this creative inspiration from designer-daily, a shelf that seems to branch-out from the side of the wall. It’s functional and cool addition to your otherwise plain wall.


Recycled book desk art

One look and you know that this is the reception for a library isn’t it? The concept behind this recycling effort is brilliant as it is creative. And visually appealing too. From the blog recyclart, its noted that these photos didn’t do justice on how beautiful the real thing looks.


Delight your space with these Fun-Furniture

Want something to light up your space? Add some unique furniture that would make your guest look twice and say, is that for real? A peeing center table? Talk about a conversational piece.    [via]



Cozy Loft Bedrooms

Small apartments? Let these ideas add some more for your space. [via]


Soulful Pendant Lighting

Are you looking for romantic lighting? These ones are perfect. Try Bocci pendant lighting. Like floating candles in sphere holders gently illuminating your personal space.   [via 2modern blog]


Live Like a Bird

[via woohome]