Mushroom Lighting in Cool Colors

Mushrooms illuminated in different colors is a neat decorating idea. In this collection, the cute little mushrooms are perched on driftwood-looking stands. If you already have some greens inside your home, these will be a cool addition.   [via homedesigndecorating]


The Travelling Kitchen: Lapin Kulta Solar Powered Restaurant

12 locations in 20 days last July 2011. And was in Helsinki last August. Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen is on the move. There plenty of technicalities in running a restaurant such as this but it hasn’t stopped the people behind this business model. A meal in this very interesting set up will surely be quite an experience. Best described in this quote from “It is well known that solar kitchens […]


Maps Made of Letters

Collection from the Bold and Noble Website.


Window Decor + Urban Skyline

If you want to have some of Paris, Tokyo or Berlin’s skyline right in your home, you have to check this out! City views of different countries as window blinds is a fun decoration to have. The glare is reduced plus peeks of light with a beautiful urban skyline pattern formed right in your room. Designed by Finnish Aalto+Aalto and produced by Lukbox.   [via ideastosteal]


Letter Pressed Wood Calendar

[via Behance Gallery and Miss-Design]


Upcycled: Strikingly Beautiful Paper Lights

Allison Patrick creates one-of-a-kind paper lights. She uses phone book pages, old maps, garbage bags, recycled lyric sheets, old newspapers and magazines as main material for her art pieces. And the results are just incredibly lovely that it deserves a space in a home.    Apart from using upcycled paper. Allison also uses recycled soda tabs for drum shade that is just so beautiful, it will leave you speechless.. [via Allison Patrick’s Site and shannoneileenblog]


Sometimes it all boils down to packaging, seriously...

Lucky are those who are blessed with creative minds. They have the capacity to explore their imaginations and come up with such magnificent and extraordinary creations, just like theseImaginative Package Designs which I fortunately found in the net the other day. I especially loved that Samurai perfume. Couldn’t think of any other way of relating a perfume to a samurai. I just love how the perfume looked like it was imaginatively cut […]


Indie Artisans + 8 Recycled Home Decor

Reusable wall decals. by Stickytiki Storage crate and Stool by natymosko Recycled soda bottles by YAVA G l a s s   Spoon rest made from an old beer bottle. by Minty Fresh   Scrap wood picture frame. by Chalecco   Storage crate and Stool by natymosko   Solid wood frame made from salvaged barn wood, by Paradise Hill Designs   Vintage “Royal Traveller” upcycled suitcase pet bed . by VintageRenaissance Made from old vinyl records, painted with original psychedelic […]


Greens Inside Your Furniture

Bringing in more greens in furniture, Icelandic landscape architect Dagný Bjarnadóttir designed these transparent table in chairs with growing plants inside. It’s nice to take a break from all that studying and look at some flowers.. [via woohome]


Hanging Relaxation Space

It’s a hammock refreshingly secluded bed that resembles a giant nest. A suspended meeting place of your choice. Perfect for relaxation, meditation and outdoor conversations. It’s called Nestrest. From the Dedon website.