Beautiful Google Street View Scenes Mash-up with Classical Paintings

This beautiful mash-up of goodgle street view and classical paintings was done by artist Halley Docherty for The Guardian. See more of this series right here. [photos by Halley Docherty via designtaxi, theguardian]


Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: Inspiring Quotes Illustrated by Lisa Congdon

Totally inspiring quotes illustrated by Lisa Congdon in her latest book called ‘Whatever You Are, Be A Good One’. The title is a pretty good advice in itself. See more of below… [via brainpickings]


Incredible Portraits Made of Thousands of Multi-colored Staple Wires

New York-based artist James Haggerty patiently created a series of portraits of Star Wars characters – a mosaic of multi-colored staple wires. Each portrait is made up of more than 10,000 pieces of staples. See more of his work right here. [via laughingsquid]  


Mesmerizing Simple GIFs by Typical Hope

Take a break from your hectic schedule to stare at these mesmerizing GIFs that will make you smile created by Typical Hope. 


Whimsical Watercolor Drawings with Hidden Messages

Shanghai-based artist GH Yeoh makes beautiful watercolor drawings everyday. Yeoh’s favorite subject is nature and animals in strong hues and whimsical dream-like settings and sometimes hidden messages. You can find out more of Yeoh’s work here, here and prints are available on her shop. Chasing dawn (Wolf, Mountain, Feathers) Trace (Tiger, River, Jungle, Tropical) In The Breeze… (Elephant, Ballons, Kids) In the rain… (cat, umbrella, rain) When It Rains…. (Ride, [...]


Impressive Jackie Chan Portrait Composed of 64,000 Chopsticks

After a month of collecting 64,000 pieces of chopsticks, Red Hong Yi started with one of her best work yet, a portrait of one of the famous faces of today, Jackie Chan. The project was commissioned to Red in celebration of Jackie Chan’s 60th birthday. Work process: It wasn’t easy to choose the material for Jackie’s piece. He is a world famous actor, an exceptional martial arts fighter, an environmentalist, [...]


Different Birds Carefully Illustrated with Food by Anna Keville Joyce

Food illustrator and stylist Anna Keville Joyce created A Tribute to Budge, a series of food illustrations carefully arranged to form different kinds of birds. What’s admirable in this series is that Joyce used 100% food to capture the many shades and texture of each bird species. Photos courtesy Agustín Nieto via freeyork


Inspiring Quotes Illustrated in Minimalist Posters by Ryan McArthur

Be inspired by these famous quotes illustrated in minimalist posters by Canada-based graphic designer Ryan McArthur.


Delicious Food Illustrations by Daryna Kossar

Ukraine-based designer and photographer Daryna Kossar creates inspirations and colorfully illustrates them with food. Results are just sweet, delicious and will make you go hungry. Check out some of her works below. [via xaxor]


Impressive Installation Made of 250,000 Euro Cent Coins by Sagmeister & Walsh

New York City-based design firm Sagmeister & Walsh has created this 300-square-meter public art installation made of 250,000 Euro cent coins in Waagdragerhof Square in Amsterdam. Using the four different shades of the coins, the team along with 100 volunteers spelled out the phrase, ‘Obsessions Make My Life Worse And My Work Better’.  The project intends to convey a message about having a passion for work. Stefan Sagmeister,  art director [...]