Sky Art Illustrates Strange Inhabitants In Between Buildings

French illustrator Thomas Lamadieu use the sky as canvas to illustrate strange inhabitants in between buildings.


Digitally-Controlled Installation of 2,300 Suspended Flowers by Japanese Art Collective teamLab

  TeamLab have created this beautiful digitally-controlled installation of 2,300 suspended flowers called Floating Flower Garden. As you approach the flowers, it rises to make way for you. This installation is currently on display in Toky until May 1, 2015. “In this interactive floating flower garden viewers are immersed in flowers, and become completely one with the garden itself.”


Artist Creates Portrait of Teh Tarik Man Using 20,000 Tea Bags

Created by the talented artist Red Hong Yi. The tedious project took two months to finish. According to the artist: I was commissioned to create a piece about my country, Malaysia, to display at the #worldeconomicforum . I wanted to show you guys a humble, everyday scene in Malaysia and was inspired by teh tarik (meaning pulled tea) – a national drink that’s served in local cafes. The amazing completed […]


Enchanting Rain Installation in Tokyo Composed of 65,000 Watch Base-Plates

The “Light is Time” magical installation in Tokyo was created by DGT Architects firm in collaboration with Japanese watchmaker CITIZEN. The artwork is composed of 65,000 watch base-plates hung on black thread inside a black room that make them look like shimmering golden raindrops. [via boredpanda]


Hilarious Illustrations of Real Movie Typos by Austin Light

Writer, illustrator and designer Austin Light has come up with a unique collection of real movie title typos he encountered on Reddit last October and turned them into funny illustrations. Finding Emo Obocop  Pup Fiction The Fat and the Furious Beauty and the Beat Dive  Harry Otter Rave Alen Ad Max Pollo 13 T. Lord of the Rigs The Princess and the Fro Twilight: New Moo  Scram Man on Fir […]


Interesting Interactive Installation with Detachable Hammocks for the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta

The ‘Mi Casa, Your Casa’ is an interactive installation designed by Mexican designers Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena for the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The installation features more than 35 house-shaped red metallic structures with detachable hammocks. Visitors may want to check out this interesting project positioned around the Sifly Piazza and enjoy interacting with the environment using the materials provided by the center such as easels, […]


Amazing Portraits Drawn Using Blue Biro Pens by Enam Bosokah

Ghana-based artist, Enam Bosokah has created an awesome series of portraits using blue biro pins. Each illustration carries the detailed expressions and poses of the subject. You may view more of his works here. [via designtaxi]


Intricate Pablo Picasso-Inspired Paper-Cut Notebook by Odding Wang

‘The Book of Red’ is a hand-crafted, paper-cut notebook created by Beijing-based artist Odding Wang. Its 32 pages were intricately crafted with simple designs inspired by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. [via designtaxi]


Cute and Clever Illustrations by Jaco Haasbroek

If you are looking for something that could lighten up your somewhat heavy day, here is a treat for you – cute and clever illustrations by Cape Town-based artist and designer Jaco Haasbroek. Check them out and for sure you would end up having bright smiles on your faces.  ♥ [via jacohaasbroek]


Creative Pictogram Posters That Promote Cultures Around the World by Mutabor Design

German design firm Mutabor Design has come up with a clever series of pictogram posters that promote different cultures around the world without words.