A View Thru the Eyes of a Rainbow

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see rainbows every single day? If you happen to live in Denmark then you’ll be able to see beautiful hues in this walkway by the Icelandic aritist Olafur Eliasson. His creation has amazed visitors and residents alike. Titled ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’, this circular walkway is on top of the ARoS art museum in Aarthus, Denmark. It measures, 3 meters wide, 3 meters high, and 150 meters long. [...]


One-of-a-kind: Lake Lugano 'Glass' House

All around this amazing piece of architecture is made of glass. The designers from JM Architecture firm creates spaces where refined, pure, and timeless architectural lines meet with the most advanced technology to provide a graceful combination of exceptional aesthetic elegance, utility, and comfort.  Each project is approached as a unique opportunity and is a tailor-made solution incorporating the firm’s meticulous attention to details, finishes, and materials selection.Such is their vision transformed into one [...]


Future Apple house: Best office building in the world

Seeing architectural design concept for new buildings is always a treat moreso if it’s of a brand famous for its products innovation, surely the Apple campus won’t get left behind in the creative arena. Here,  Steve Jobs has revealed the future Apple campus which he dubbed as the “best office building in the world” and boasts of its futuristic and spaceship-like exterior and circular planning. Its construction is to start in [...]


Invigorating Urban Landscape - MFO Park in Switzerland

The rise of urban parks is strongly supported now more than ever. With hard landscape dominating the busy city, the need for a green oasis within it to soften the built surroundings seemed logical. The MFO Park in Switzerland (completed in 2001-2002) may be described as a combination of hard landscaping, greenery and verticality. Complimenting the urban area without taking too much space.      [via architonic.com]