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Holding on the edge of a steep slope in Seattle is the cantilevered design  of EB1 Residence by Replinger Hossner Osolin Architects.

EB1residence3 EB1residence4 EB1residence5 EB1residence6 EB1residence7 EB1residence8

Project Description:

Eb1 is designed as a specific response to this environment. The striking cantilevered design allows the entirety of its 2,000 square feet of living space to rest on two 16 foot long concrete piers set 16 feet apart and braced together with steel. The pier footings step with the grades and are in turn supported by three-inch diameter, pneumatically driven, steel pin pilings. This foundation system allows for development to occur with an absolute minimum ground disturbance and environmental footprint. Site impact was further mitigated by obtaining an access easement from above the site, avoiding grading through the steep slopes from the adjacent street below.


Photos by Lara Swimmer via fondalashay and design-milk


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