apartment design

Very interesting. That’s what this space is. Maybe that’s the concept Miel Architects had in mind at the start of this project in Barcelona. To keep everything fun and exciting! Swirling patterns from main features as rugs to bookshelf fused by lots of bold colors. Carefully balanced by neutral floors and walls. Playing illusion with your eyes is the unique staircase design. Mirrors were attached to the risers to reflect the tread patterns. Also used as a bookcase. Very functional. To sum it up, this apartment totally exudes a very happy vibe reminiscent of playgrounds and nurseries.

colorfulapartmentideasfrombarcelona2 colorfulapartmentideasfrombarcelona3 colorfulapartmentideasfrombarcelona4 colorfulapartmentideasfrombarcelona5 colorfulapartmentideasfrombarcelona6

[via micasarevista and trendir]


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