Wouldn’t it be lovely to fill up your home with rainbow colors? And wouldn’t it be lovelier if every part of your residence is filled with different colors through lighting fixtures? Check out this awesome illumination system wherein you can choose whatever color you would want to have in your room. What’s more exciting with this innovation is that the light is smoothly led wherever you want it to be. Also, you can put different light effects on the different items inside your place.

AwesomeRainbowLikeIlluminationSystem2 AwesomeRainbowLikeIlluminationSystem3 AwesomeRainbowLikeIlluminationSystem4 AwesomeRainbowLikeIlluminationSystem5 AwesomeRainbowLikeIlluminationSystem6 AwesomeRainbowLikeIlluminationSystem7

[via freshome]


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