These posters seem ordinary but actually they are not. Artist Mike Matola puts a little twist to his artwork by writing down the lyrics of a song or a script of certain movie in order to form a picture. Among his posters include images of members of The Beatles as well as characters from the movies such as The Shining. Remarkably, he does not draw these portraits and instead writes down words and the results are amazing!

AwesomePosterImagesCreatedfromHandwrittenMovieScriptsandAlbumLyrics2 AwesomePosterImagesCreatedfromHandwrittenMovieScriptsandAlbumLyrics3 AwesomePosterImagesCreatedfromHandwrittenMovieScriptsandAlbumLyrics4 AwesomePosterImagesCreatedfromHandwrittenMovieScriptsandAlbumLyrics5 AwesomePosterImagesCreatedfromHandwrittenMovieScriptsandAlbumLyrics6 AwesomePosterImagesCreatedfromHandwrittenMovieScriptsandAlbumLyrics7

[via geek]


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