Awesome Pocket-sized Printer by Zuta Labs

If you are a certified mobile person who is always on the go, then this awesome pocket-sized printer would deliver the best news for you. Israeli studio Zuta Labs offers an awesome product that can print remotely using a bluetooth connection from tablets, smartphones or desktop computers.  The Mini Mobile is a teardrop shaped portable printer that was developed by former students of the Jerusalem College of Technology.

Awesome Pocket-sized Printer by Zuta Labs2 Awesome Pocket-sized Printer by Zuta Labs3 Awesome Pocket-sized Printer by Zuta Labs4

The device weighs 300 grams and measures 10 cm high and 11.5 cm in diameter. Upon activation, a hatch underneath the printer slides open that reveals the inkjet. The Mini Mobile is then placed on top of a piece of paper using the teardrop’s pointed shape to align it with the top of the page. An omni wheel system allows the printer to move in multiple directions as it rolls across the page. When it reaches the end, the device moves down the page and continues on to the next line. It uses a high resolution optical sensor that controls the movement, speed and placement of the robot.

Awesome Pocket-sized Printer by Zuta Labs5

The Mini Mobile is currently a proof-of-concept.  Zuta Labs are raising funds on Kickstarter.


[via dezeen]


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