river light installation

As a way to create awareness for the on-going river abuse, 100,000 pieces of ‘wishing star’ solar-powered LED lights were released on to Sumida River in Tokyo. The lights were particularly designed by Panasonic so that it glows when touched by water. After the beautiful river display, the tiny lights were gathered to be used again in the future.

The symbolic installation is part of the Tokyo Hotaru Festival which reminds locals of the time when a multitude of fireflies would gather round the once clean river.

lightinstallationinTokyoHotaru2 lightinstallationinTokyoHotaru3 lightinstallationinTokyoHotaru4 lightinstallationinTokyoHotaru5

For this year, the Symphony of Lights (Fireflies) will be held on 25th May. More info here.

[via lost at e minor]


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