First Attempt In Learning

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again… “ This is Aaliyah telling us that everything does not end whenever we face failure. That’s why when I saw that line up above making the word “fail” as an acronym that stands for “First Attempt In Learning,” I felt good inside and somehow related its message to Aaliyah’s song “Try Again.” If there’s no failure, there will be no success. This […]


The Joy of Winter Season

It’s a given fact that Christmas time has always been synonymous with winter time. I’ve often thought that holidays in countries with snow season are extra special. I’ve considered people living there as the lucky ones. For what specific reason? There a lot of reasons. …because they get to experience lighting up the fireplace to make themselves feel warm, wearing fashionable winter clothes (especially the winter coats), feeling the snowflakes […]


When ants get colored tummies...

Let me tell you the story on why I decided to post this one. I happened to have found this post in stumbleupon. I browsed the pictures, all three of them, and did not pay close attention why in the world were these posted anyway? These are ants, yes, I said to myself, but what’s special with these ants in particular? Then I scrolled upwards again to read the lines after […]


Map + Art = Collage

I have shared before that I really love maps. And now, someone thought of making a collage out of maps. Simply amazing… This someone is an artist named Matthew Cusick from Dallas, Texas. Check out his other collages…    [via]


Words + Art = Picasso

Did you know that Picasso was baptized Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispiniano de la Santísima Trinidad, a series of names honoring various saints and relatives. Not quite of a long name, isn’t it? No matter how complex his name was, Picasso kept his works and his words rather simple. Really inspiring… 🙂


Fruit of Tired Labor

For the past days I’ve been fortunate enough to always discover something different that great artists do to exhibit their craft. And here I am again with another great discovery. Want to give your tired eyes something refreshing to look at? Here’s for everyone to see. They’re not Oreo biscuits though. These are actually tires carved artistically by a Belgian neo-conceptual artist Wim Delvoye. [via]


Pencil or Camera?

If you’ll look at these pictures, they might seem like black and white photos, but actually, they’re not. Take a closer look and you would be amazed that these were drawn my mere hands with a simple pencil. I’ve also learned that the artist behind these does not use an eraser. He is Paul Lung, a 38-year-old graphic artist from Hong Kong.    [via]


Hey Jude

This one’s really cool, isn’t it? While I was reading it, I was actually singing the song and following all the arrows leading to the lyrics! Pretty creative and brilliant, like no one else but The Beatles! By the way, did you know that the Beatles’ logo, seen on the front of Starr’s bass drum during the group’s major touring years, was based on an impromptu sketch by instrument retailer and […]


Pencil Shaving Portraits by Kyle Bean

True artists never run out of tools that exhibit their passion for arts and craft. Kyle Bean is  such a genius when he thought of using pencil shavings to form portraits. Check them out… [via]


Oh come on, what time is it?

Today is one of my luckiest days because I was able to bump into this website with really cool wall clocks. My favorite is obviously that one up above. Check the others out below! [via]