Unique Colorful Rings

  These unique rings are designed and created by Maria Cristina Belluci from colored pencils.   via designboom.com  


A creative place for creative people

Wouldn’t it be nice to work in such a conducive, bubbly, lively and creative place like this? Welcome to the world of the people behind the LEGO team!   via josieofficedesign.com


Incredible Egg Art

Would you be so patient enough to this kind of really amazing art? Egg-static!   via slightlywarped.com


Love the way you say it

Via piccsy.com I really love that line, just perfect for the L-O-V-E month! Have someone told you that? What would you reply back if someone did? You might as well try this one below: Via funstuffcafe.com Yes, love can make us really “cheesy” and “mushy” at times. No doubt about it, huh? Via piccsy.com Via piccsy.com How about this one below? This is what you call “literal,” agree or disagree? Anyhow, it’s still sweet isn’t […]


Finds: Tables Abound


Modern Fossils by Christopher Locke

Do you miss those days when you actually owned and played with that one up above? Well, well, well… Christopher Locke has his own way of preserving these things and he calls them as “Modern Fossils.” How does he do it? You may visit www.juxtapos.com to know he does it. For now, you can check out Locke’s fossilized works of art: Via juxtapos.com


Finds: Cabinets Galore


50 Tips on How To Enjoy Life

Via imagens.mdig.com.br The title of this picture according to the site where I found it is “Happy Anyway” with a description “Child is happy regardless of circumstances.”  That’s very right. We should always be happy despite trying times and unforeseen circumstances. With this, I would like to share with you something that I’ve found and learned during my college years. I could not remember where I actually got these. What I […]


Doing art with Rubik's cube

Pete Fectau‘s project “Dream Big” actually began when he “literally” dreamt that he was using Rubik’s Cube to create something. Talk about dreams comin’ true, huh!   Via petefectau.com


Kindly pass the stapler please...

Who would have thought that the use of a simple staple wire could lead to such great work of art like this one? I wonder how many wires were actually used in order to make a really huge image like this one. Via fubiz.net