Tokyo bank

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design playfully thought of something unique when they conceptualized the design for the Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Shimura, Tokyo. The structure was named the Rainbow Bank noticeably because of its rainbow-like stack of 12 coloured layers that any possible client would see from across the street. It gets away from the usual stiff look of banks and instead tries to make you feel at home and relaxed as you venture on various transactions inside. You may even want to stay longer because the interiors offer such a cool breeze. Simply awesome! ♥

AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo2 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo3 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo4 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo5 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo6 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo7 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo8 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo9 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo10 AttractivelyEyeCatchingRainbowBankinTokyo11


[via enpundit]


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