portrait from strips of paper

U.K. based artist Jamie Poole created an intimate portrait called Sophie. This meticulous artwork is a actually a collage of printed words from poems.

According to Jamie,

The verses of a specially selected collection of poems have been carefully dissected and layered on the support of this painting to create her portrait. The text meanders and flows around the curves of her features and is embedded deep in her eyes creating an intricate mosaic surface. The tales in the typography have become entwined within her image and are part of Sophie’s identity.

ArtistMakesPortraitFromStripsofPaperCutFromPoems2 ArtistMakesPortraitFromStripsofPaperCutFromPoems3 ArtistMakesPortraitFromStripsofPaperCutFromPoems4

Curious on how he did it? Watch this video here. You can also see more of Jamie Poole’s work at Flickr.


[via paperimages]


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