studio design

Artists looking for a seriously secluded place for creative work would definitely love an art studio dramatically located on a steep hillside overlooking the calm waters of an inland pond. This is Project Bridge Studio in Newfoundland, Canada, designed by Saunders Architects. It is a series of six artists’ studios on different location in Fogo island that aims to preserve the Islander’s traditions and rejuvenating the island through the arts and culture.

SaundersArchitecture2 SaundersArchitecture3 SaundersArchitecture4 SaundersArchitecture5 SaundersArchitecture6 SaundersArchitecture7 SaundersArchitecture8 SaundersArchitecture9 SaundersArchitecture10 SaundersArchitecture11 SaundersArchitecture12 SaundersArchitecture13

Photos by Saunders Architects


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