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Set within nature, this solitary studio designed by Gianni Botsford Architects is a quintessential space for a writer in Costa Rica. Beautifully combining indigenous materials and modern design technologies and aesthetics.

It’s comprised of two separate spaces, smartly separating different functions. There’s the main studio space, where creativity is inspired. It has the library, writing desk and a grand piano.

The pavilion’s wooden structure, sourced from local timber, sits on a simple foundation of wooden stilts on small concrete pad foundations. Roof beams of up to 10 m long and 355 mm deep allow for an interior with no vertical columns. The mono-pitched roof elevates towards the sea shore, while the interior is through ventilated via a completely louvred glazed end façade.

Not far from it along a raised walkway is a smaller pavilion. It looks almost identical with the main space where the more private area is. This contains the sleeping quarters and a bathroom.

Externally, the pavilions are clad in corrugated steel sheeting, another locally used construction material. The overall effect is that of a building which blends with its surroundings, both visually and environmentally.

This house sits on a beachside. Everything about it is well-planned to conjure inspiration. Certainly fits well with the owner’s needs.

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From Gianni Botsford Architect’s website.


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