SAK Designs have designed A Quiet House in Urban Chaos.

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Project description:

This was a house seating in a surroundings of apartments and city chaos. The owner wanted to renovate the house and redo the complete interior. We approached by first making all necessary changes in structure from architecture point of view. Creating spaces inside large enough to feel no boundaries. Taking down some walls, shifting some walls to make large rooms, creating new rooms, is all done to give the house a spacious yet peaceful identity.

Interior designing here was an approach where focus was to give each space its distinct identity and also give it a artistic look by use of right kind of furniture and pieces of art. Right from main entry a story starts to form abt the language of the house. A simple yet elegant structure in white inviting to its calm indoors. The entry foyer inside has a staircase with minimalistic features. The railing to make it appear simple a combination of metal box and wood helped lighten the view. The double height foyer leads to living area overlooking verandah and court behind the house with green plants. The living room with its smart furniture and a original canvas of a famous artist Manish Chavda in red theme, is a elegance and simplicity coexisting.

A family room with TV is approached from here . With its glass shutters it is blocking the sound of TV but visually connected to the living area and foyer also. Kitchen and Dining are so placed that they can work independently from Living area. Dining is sitting with a window overlooking rear court and landscape and a verandah on side. Sitting inside any room of the house no one will ever feel intruded by surrounding apartment buildings as it gets its view from rear court and landscape in it.

The rear court on sides is planted by bamboo plants which creates an environment of green spacious backyard. A screen created in stone which separates the service area and servant quarter from this court, the screen gives very elegant border to the court.

Finally the once someone is in the house one feels absolutely relaxed as there is no noise or sound of surrounding without any intrusion to privacy.

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Photos courtesy Sabstian Zacharia


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