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Singapore-based studio FARM in collaboration with KD Architects designed The Pool Shop House.

Completed in 2012, this 4-storey showpiece project is an integration of a historic 1920s structure and modern design. The dramatic interior highlights a monolithic indoor pool and private rooms on upper level.

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The Pool Shop House by Farm + KD Architects:

The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series was conceived as a collection of architectural experiments and showpiece for each architect. FARM, in collaboration with KD architects were thrilled to be invited as one of the 7 studios involved.

The conversation with the existing shophouse started with the intention to read the ‘new’ not as a ‘rear extension’ but as an ‘insertion’. We wanted to explore the spatial opportunities within such a configuration while heightening a unique experience inherent within the spatial structure of a shophouse.

The monolithic lap pool on the first storey emphasizes the linear typology of the space, as it guides one’s experience from the front to the rear. Extending this idea of linearity is the monolithic volume at the rear which houses the private quarters on the upper levels.

One experiences the continuity of space through a series of stairs that loop through the shophouse. Central to this continuous loop is the skylight that marks the vital interface. It bathes this narrow linear space with resplendent sunlight, and visually connects different parts of the house.

Through these spatial and formal gestures, the dialogue between the old and the new is constantly questioned and new discoveries revealed through the shift in geometry, height, volume and material.

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Photos by Jeremy San Tzer Ning


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