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Sweet and Homely Cafés

A lot of people find solace in snug tiny cafés… The simple joy of having your favorite coffee or tea in a cozy space outside your home is strangely comforting.


Students Design a Rainbow-shaped Solar Powered Home called HALO

Twenty-five brilliant students of Chalmer’s University of Technology in Sweden have collaborated in making a solar powered home called HALO. This 59 square meter sustainable house was inspired by the shape of a rainbow and in keeping with simple and clean Scandinavian design.   [via inhabitat]


Luxurious + Modern Italian Villa in Apulia

Villa Bianca is a relaxing holiday sanctuary located on the hills of Santa Maria di Leuca, Apulia, Italy. The luxurious contemporary villa has 6 bedrooms and  huge outdoor pool overlooking the sea. Description: The villa’s vast open living areas connect the terraces offering breathtaking views of the dramatic meeting of the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The enclosed pool area contains a large pool, children pool and jacuzzi, bar, and authentic wood […]


Amazing Corrugated ‘Chameleon Cabin’ by Mattias Lind

Architect Mattias Lind of Swedish firm White Arkitekter in collaboration with branding agency Happy F + B has created this awesome corrugated paper hut called ‘Chameleon Cabin’, as part of a promotional campaign for Göteborgstryckeriet, a local printing firm. The three-meter structure was printed using a stiff paper that resembles a marble. What makes it unique is that one side looks like black while the other side is white. Lind designed the cabin inspired […]


Portable + Spacious Sustainable House by Arcgency

Arcgency architecture studio have designed the World FLEX Home/ WFH House, a pre-fabricated model house that is both attractive and sustainable. Located in Wuxi, China, this modern home was completed in 2012. Description by Arcgency: Resource Conscious Architecture that can be exported to any place in the world. It is more then architecture; It is a sustainable product.   Photos courtesy Jens Markus Lindhe


Refreshing Vineyard Home in Switzerland by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes have designed the renovation Maison Germanier, a house in the middle of a vast 170 acre vineyard. This simple contemporary house is located in Vétroz, Switzerland. Photos courtesy Thomas Jantscher


Super Comfy House I in Japan by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects

Award-winning Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects have designed this homey residence for a family of three. The whole place presents a very welcoming atmosphere with its open space and interiors that allow lots of light and air. Description by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects: People have good relationship and make the usual greetings over the gardens and come to see stepping over the stone fences in this area. In there we designed the house which is […]


Instagram's San Francisco Headquarters Takes You Back in Time

Instagram‘s new headquarters located in San Francisco does not have the usual sleek modern interior of a famous company. Designed by Geremia Design studio, modest company office is filled with retro pieces that will take you back in time. Photos courtesy Geremia Design via designboom


Pleasant Swedish House in Kungsholmen Island

Somewhere in Stockholm, Sweden, in the island of Kungsholmen in Lake Mälaren is this beautiful loft home. Built in the 1900s, this beautiful 5-room abode has a total area of 178 square meters. Photos courtesy Perjansson


Enthralling ‘Stellar Axis' in Antarctica by Lita Albuquerque

Since Disney’s ‘Frozen’ seems to be ‘THE’ movie event of December, here is something that is equally superb and magnificent. Though the story behind the work traces back in 2006, it is still as cool as forever. California-based artist Lita Albuquerque has created a unique installation called ‘Stellar Axis’ in the coolest (literally) place on earth, Antarctica. According to Jean de Pomereu, who worked as a photographer for Albuquerque, this […]


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