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Pastel Haven in France by Caroline Gomez

This adorable French apartment is home to designer and illustrator Caroline Gomez . The house is mainly a reflection of Caroline’s aesthetic, natural and slow design. Built from a former jukebox repair shop in the 1930s the space is filled with beautifully placed colours which makes a welcoming interior for Caroline’s young family of three. [via]


Kaleidoscopic Pavilion in Iowa by Olafur Eliasson

The ‘Panoramic Awareness Pavilion’ was created by Olafur Eliasson and is currently installed at the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park at the Des Moines Art Center in Iowa. With the installation, Eliasson continues to explore the boundaries of light and color that will intensify the experience of viewers on his works while altering their perception of their surrounding environment. Each panel has been designed with a reflective coating that makes it […]


Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco Nurtures Creativity + Passion

IA Interior Architects and Lundberg Design have created the Twitter Global Headquarters located inside 1930s building that was once a wholesale furniture mart. The relaxed atmosphere of the 2-level headquarters focuses on nurturing Twitter culture, creativity and passion. Description by IA Interior Architects: Twitter’s new global headquarters occupies floors 7-9 of the 11-floor Market Square complex, an iconic 1937 Art Deco landmark that once housed the San Francisco wholesale furniture […]


Abandoned Medieval Cathedral Converted To Colossal Bookstore

BK Architecten have designed the transformation of an abandoned medieval church into a modern bookstore called Waanders. With respect to its original architecture church was carefully reinstated from the spectacular stained glass window down to every minute detail Description by BK. Architects: In the Zwolle Broerenkerk we have the design realized for Waanders In Broeren. This design includes a three layered installation and shop interior in a historic, 15th-century church. Assumptions for this design […]


Distinctive Green Edge House in Japan by mA-style Architects

If you happen to be a regular visitor of Wave Avenue, you may realize that the works of mA-style Architects have always been featured. The latest of which is the ‘Green House’ located in Fujieda, Japan. The unique style of the home features the trees and a plant along its somewhat floating wall that would make passersby curious of what could be found inside. Description by mA-style Architects: There was […]


Mediterranean-inspired Sunshine Beach House by Wilson Architects

Wilson Architects have designed the stunning Sunshine Beach House located Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia. This mediterranean-inspired and mexican influenced home was completed in 2012. Description by Wilson Architects: The Sunshine Beach House (previously known as the Prell House) was designed by renowned architect Gabriel Poole in 1997. The Mediterranean and Mexican influenced design consisted of a series of living and sleeping spaces around a central courtyard on a steeply sloping site. […]


Cleverly Designed Transforming Tiny Studio by Vora Arquitectura

Vora Arquitectura have designed the Toormix Workshop, a tiny transforming studio located in Gràcia, Barcelona. This 18 square meter project was conceptualized in 2011 and was completed in 2012.   Photos courtesy Adrià goula


Captivating Photographs of Nepal’s Surreal Landscape by Sean Lynch

New York-based photographer Sean Lynch recently visited Nepal, a landlocked sovereign state located in South Asia, wherein he captured the gorgeous landscape of the Annapurna Himalayan Range in infrared using a Kodak EIR. The series of photos features the candy-colored mountains and trees that convey that very magical feeling. [via designtaxi]


Puerto Escondido's Secret Mexican Beach Hut Hideaway

Architect Federico Rivera Rio in collaboration with Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha have designed the Hotel Escondido located along the Mexican coastline north Puerto Escondido. This resort hotel offer 16 villas all designed with palapa, a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves which is considered as one of the most important architectural contributions of Philippine culture to Mexican West cultures.   [via design-milk]


Rustic Modern Espace St-Denis House by Anne Sophie Goneau

Canada-based architect Anne Sophie Goneau have designed the Espace St-Denis residence located in Montréal, Québec, Canada. The brick-clad feature wall on both sides of this 120 square meter house gives a rustic charm in contrast to its modern interior and simple furniture. Description by Anne Sophie Goneau: The mandate to divide WAS Each living area in order to maximize while Maintaining the architectural integrity of the Existing Rental contents, each […]