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Elaborate Illustrations of Red Foxes by Alice Macarova

Illustrator and graphic designer Alice Macarova creates elaborate illustration showing some stories about red foxes in her series, Vulpes vulpes. Find more of her portfolio over at Behance.   [via designcollector]


Two Apartments Merged into One Beautiful TO3 Home by Studio Karhard

German architectural firm karhard has renovated two apartments and merged them together to create this very welcoming TO3 home in Berlin. The white interiors and light wooden floors splashed with bits of colors make the whole place look comfy and bright. [via thisispaper]


Student Builds Floating Teepee House on Homemade Raft

University student William Woodbridge had to leave campus and then found that necessity motivates creative thinking. Looking for a place he could reside in, William’s uncle suggested that he build a teepee. And so he did. Researching on teepee design, ergonomics and carefully considering its stability against weather, William finished his very own teepee house that floats on Lake Ginninderra, Australia.  Although William was given an ultimatum to leave the […]


Angela Kelly Captures Beautifully Patterned Frozen Soap Bubbles

Bubbles are always fun to look at when they float mid-air, ready to pop anytime. But how will it look like when these bubbles are frozen? Curious, photographer Angela Kelly took her son to play with bubbles one winter morning. They blew the bubbles over the hood of Angela’s car and frozen patio table then they watched as each bubble slowly crystallize to form spheres,  unique shapes and pattern. The […]


Tree-Shaped ‘Chapel of St Albert the Great’ in Scotland by Simpson and Brown Architects

Edinburgh-based Simpson and Brown Architects have designed this new garden Chapel of St Albert the Great in George Square, Scotland in 2012. Four tree-like Corten Steel columns support the structure and its curved, oak-lined timber roof. Large clay blocks with sandstone compose the thick masonry wall. Description by Simpson and Brown Architects: The new Chapel of Saint Albert the Great, in George Square, Edinburgh, was completed in late 2012. Built […]


Vibrant Walmart Offices Designed with Help from Employees

Studio Guto Requena have designed the vibrant offices of Walmart. Requena’s team carefully researched the needs and wants of Walmart employees from colors, materials as well as the design concept. The result is a playful and colorful 6,400 square meter headquarters that was completed in 2013. Description by Studio Guto Requena: The design for the Offices was derived from the research methodology developed by Studio Guto Requena. Interviews and online […]


Breezy Rattan House by Guz Architects That Brings Its Residents Closer to Nature

Singapore-based Guz Architects have designed this sturdy Rattan House in Singapore with a touch of sustainability and a lot of breeziness.   Description by Guz Architects: The rattan house was conceived to make the most of what is a relatively condensed site in Singapore’s “good class bungalow” district; with buildings all around and little breeze. The L-shaped plan was designed to make the most of the views and funnel the […]


Clever 196 Square-Foot Tiny House Using Reclaimed Materials

Practical architect  Macy Miller thought of a clever way of owning a house without burning her pocket. The solution? A tiny trailer house that measures 196 square feet (18 square meters). Built on a flatbed trailer, the house is 8 feet long and 24 feet wide with complete basic utilities. The use of recycled pallet wood as siding is an attractive feature of the house. Read more about Miller’s design […]


Broadway Loft Brings the Outside In by Joel Sanders Architect

Joel Sanders Architect have designed this Broadway Penthouse Loft located in Manhattan, New York.  Completed in 2008, this residence rethinks ways to nurture the love for plants while living in the city. Description by This Broadway penthouse renovation rethinks the notion of an urban garden by literally bringing the outside in. Exterior wood decking and vegetation flow into the heart of the loft forming a planted core, a living green veil […]


Delightful White Interiors of Villa Anemolia in Santorini by MplusM Architects

Greek architectural practice MPLUSM has renovated a preexisting house into a delightful hotel in Santorini, Villa Anemolia. Its stark white interiors really complement the simplicity and calmness of the village. For some contrast to the plainness, the team incorporated new skylights and pockets of light coming from the recessed lights in the walls. Built-in beds and sofa beds were also chosen instead of the usual, free-standing furniture to give the place […]


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