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Are these really Oil Paintings?

These are oil paintings. YES. It’s incredibly realistic that I have to remind myself that these are paintings. Excellent realism work Pedro Campos. See more of Pedro Campos’ works on his website


Are Dancers Among Us?

Let these photos show you the answer. A dance photography project by Jordan Matter.



Amazingly Humble Minimalist Home

Sou Fujimoto Architects House N project, completed in 2008.   [via dwellinggawker]


I Love A Beautiful Mess

It’s no fun drawing inside the lines ala-coloring book. Why not try letting it flow and see what you can come given the unintentional shapes of random watercolor drips?   [via]


Cozy Loft Bedrooms

Small apartments? Let these ideas add some more for your space. [via]


Soulful Pendant Lighting

Are you looking for romantic lighting? These ones are perfect. Try Bocci pendant lighting. Like floating candles in sphere holders gently illuminating your personal space.   [via 2modern blog]


An Artist's Home

Charming home of an artist in the countryside of France…      [via home-designing]


Black and White Drama

[via Charles Cramer’s Website]


3d Trees in Books

Fascinating work by artist Kylie Stillman… [via visualnews]